IoT Platforms & Systems

The main focus of our developments is on communication solutions and gateways as well as mobile applications (for guiding solutions, transportation).

We have many years of experience of building solutions and implementing complete custom communication modules.

Within the system we ensure the interoperability of IoT devices, web, mobile and cloud regardless of the industry, while offering the possibility to further enhance the solution with AI technology.

Internet of Things

Consumer IoT

We develop custom smart home devices with wireless or wired connectivity and integrate them into popular ecosystems.

Smart gateways, thermostats, meters, sensors, plugs, switches and other devices connect to a cloud platform for remote operation and control.

Commercial IoT

We provide a complete solution for managing and monitoring IoT systems.

Beside the device monitoring system monitoring parameters such as memory usage, cpu usage, disk usage, ping time, services functionality, we also assure a robust IoT device system by automatic failover solutions. We also implemented a monitoring system for hierarchically structured devices in which lower level devices do not have direct access to the network.

The web-based dashboard has a user-friendly interactive visualization in real time, as well as configurable thresholds for alerting and automation.

We also provide:

  • Cloud based IoT device management service
  • Real-time data collection 
  • Analytics and visualizations

Industrial IoT

Engineer complex IoT systems which combine hardware with powerful software, connectivity and management interfaces through cutting-edge technologies.

Our experts enhance IoT devices and embedded systems with machine learning algorithms or computer vision to get the most out of your data.

We also provide:

  • cloud based IoT device management service 
  • real-time data collection 
  • analytics and visualizations
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