IoT Platforms & Systems

The main focus of our developments is on communication solutions and gateways as well as mobile applications (for guiding solutions, transportation).

We have many years of experience of building solutions and implementing complete custom communication modules.

Within the system we ensure the interoperability of IoT devices, web, mobile and cloud regardless of the industry, while offering the possibility to further enhance the solution with AI technology.

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Internet of Things

Handheld Devices

Professional handheld devices for your business, from solution discovery to deployment - hardware design and software development. We make smart multifunctional chargers for the handheld devices we develop, which can be controlled remotely and implement communication with the devices - firmware, application and content update.

Handheld Devices

eCommerce & Fintech

In this area we provide the following services: 

Build B2B and B2C web and mobile applications, implement and integrate eCommerce payments, deploy cloud solutions for eCommerce, create UI/UX design for eCommerce, develop applications for smart POS devices.


Energy Management

While the intelligent electric vehicle charger manages when and how will the vehicle plugged into a charger receive power, the smart energy management takes into account the grid constraints and other relevant factors and preferences.

Energy Management


Deploying MDM technology in BYOD (bring your own device) can reduce the IT costs, save time while managing and securing employee-owned devices.

Mobile Device Management

Multimedia Devices & App tools

We make hardware concepts, implement firmware and application software for custom use-cases, connect the devices over the Internet to cloud and a central management platform.

We offer an application tool for creation of interactive multimedia content, with built-in media transcoder and media optimization. We provide content through a web browser and application also with a user-friendly editorial option. The multimedia design creator is equipped with gradient editor, photo editor, interactive floor plan designer tool and scene editor tool.

In this area we provide voting and quiz systems and user feedback data acquisition.

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