Cloud Computing

Traditional IT applications and systems are becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming to manage and scale. Our company offers a solution to ensure that your infrastructure is future-proof and aligned with your business agility.

We create complete solutions that include cloud application architecture design, UI/UX design and deployment and migration to cloud. icbtech connects IoT systems with the Cloud system by developing and operating cloud applications.


Included expertise

Build and run a serverless application for greater capacity and flexibility:

IaaS/SaaS/PaaS, Big Data, AI/ML, IoT, Multicloud

Existing applications can be migrated into the cloud without application code modification. This is especially useful in case of short deadlines.

Cloud optimization and modernization of already existing, ready-made cloud applications.

Our experts have many years of experience in developing cloud based applications.

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ICBTech team is composed of excellent, personable leaders that take the initiative in communication and product development.

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