Since its founding in 2011 icbtech has been committed to embedded systems technology. We offer Embedded Software Engineering and System Software Development.


Included expertise

Complete firmware development based on Linux, Android and Barebone
Driver development for components
Support for bringing up custom boards
Development of bootloaders

We expand the functionality of your embedded system by integrating new applications with your legacy platform.

Implementation of reliable, fast, real-time-capable communication protocols for the IoT, especially of wireless protocols. This includes protocols of the short-range wireless networks (SRWN), such as Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN, as well as custom RF communication solutions.

Our experts enhance IoT devices and embedded systems with machine learning algorithms or computer vision to get the most out of your data.

As a distributor of Boardcon Technology Limited we offer the latest generation of QFN Style Solder-Down and SODIMM 200 Computer-on-Modules, as well as Single Board Computers.
Boardcon is our reliable partner for custom hardware designs and OEM developments, we have designed entirely new custom hardware for customers or integrated some of existing Computer-on-Module solutions into a device.
Full support and software customization for the embedded hardware is always playing an important role for our business relation, from which our customers benefit.

We create a hardware abstraction layer for various applications, so that the needed functionality can be obtained without knowing the hardware itself.

We have expertise with many ARM-based SoCs, which are particularly well-suited for power-saving applications: ARM926, iMX6, iMX8, as well as with various microcontrollers: ESP-32, 8051, ST family, Silicon Labs, Nordic, and NXP. We also work with SBCs: Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone.

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ICBTech team is composed of excellent, personable leaders that take the initiative in communication and product development.

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