Web Development

Our web application provides maximum usability, scalability and cross-browser compatibility for flexibility and growth.

We create prototypes, design, build and launch responsive digital experiences for mobile and desktop devices.

Web Development

Included expertise

ICBTech has the know-how for the software architecture design and implementation of interactive cloud based applications for complex IoT system based multimedia content creation. 

We also offer automatic application generation, version control and deployment, as well as web site generation based on custom generated content and web deployment through FTP with creating custom subdomains.

When designing the UI and UX for our solutions we focus on delivering what you wish for, while considering ease of use for the end users. Using Figma we can create mock-ups efficiently and rapidly with great flexibility.

We help integrate third-party web services and applications.

We implement data statistics, analytics and real time visualization gathered from IoT devices.

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ICBTech team is composed of excellent, personable leaders that take the initiative in communication and product development.

Address: Somborski put 33a, Subotica, Serbia

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